Naturbox, the solution for professionals to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

Naturpod offers Naturbox for businesses, a solution to sanitise the air and remove ethylene in warehouses and cold storage units for fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.

If you have a fruit and vegetable shop, either organic or non-organic, a restaurant, a hotel or a florist’s, Naturbox will help you keep the organoleptic properties (taste, texture, smell and colour) of your products for a longer period of time.

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With Naturbox:

  1. Your produce will spoil more slowly.
  2. You will reduce food loss and waste, as well as costs, so you will save money.
  3. The consumer will get higher quality fresh produce, which will convey a better image of your company.
  4. Your business will contribute to the sustainability of the planet and the achievement of the 2030 SDGs
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