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We extend the commercial life of your fruit and vegetables

For producer, packer, distributor, retail and Restaurants

What is
Naturpod Pro?

A natural, simple and economical way to extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables at all points in the distribution chain: Producer, Packer, Distribution, Retail and Restaurants

By using Naturpod throughout the whole chain, we manage to reduce the costs associated with wastage, extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables and maintain quality (organoleptic properties) for longer.

We offer you four solutions

Machines Naturpod Pro

This solution is suitable for cold rooms from 25 to more than 850 m3.

Filters Naturpod Pro

Contains the granulate in a lightweight case designed to be hung on the ventilation system of the cold store or warehouse.

Transport blankets and filters Naturpod PRO

Naturpod Problankets and filters reduce pollutant gases during transport and distribution to maintain quality and extend post-harvest life.

Sachets Naturpod Pro

Reduces ethylene level very effectively during transport and storage at both wholesale and retail level


Keeps fruit and vegetables always fresh, preserving their organoleptic properties in a natural way, up to three times longer.


Minimise your costs
of waste resulting from shrinkage. And optimise your stock management


Delivery of fruit and vegetables in perfect condition, avoiding the cost of returns due to spoiled produce.


Complies with the
Law 7 June 2022 on food waste and with the European regulations.

How do we work?


  • Turnkey project adapted to your needs
  • Annual / biannual subscription
  • No initial outlay
  • Cancellation flexibility
  • Spare parts included
  • Installation and maintenance included
  • Guarantee
  • Upgrades included


  • Suscripción anual / semestral
  • No up-front payment needed
  • Flexible cancelation
  • Spare parts included
  • Reverse logistics management for the recycling of waste filter parts included

Transport blankets, sachets and filters

  • Depending on volume and after study of transport/storage conditions

Would you like to receive more information on how to reduce your fruit and vegetable waste?

Do not hesitate to write to us. We will contact you as soon as possible to offer you our solutions adapted to your needs. Start saving today!

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