Naturpod keeps your fruits and vegetables naturally fresh

up to twice as long

Eat healthier, waste less, feel better

What is Naturpod?

Naturpod is a envelope that absorbs ethylene, a natural hormone produced by fruit and vegetables which is the cause of early ripening.

By absorbing ethylene surrounding fresh produce, on top of creating a healthier environment in the fridge,
you will help to maintain your fruit and vegetables fresher and in optimal conditions longer.

Fresh fruit and vegetables:
the secret to a healthy life

Natural principle used for decades worldwide for the preservation of fruits and vegetables during storage and distribution.

Suitable for use with organic produce as it is a non-invasive technology.

Not an additive, it simply removes ethylene from the air around the produce by absorption.

Active ingredient is 100% compostable.


Eat healthier
by keeping your fruits
and vegetables fresher for longer.

Save money by reducing
the fresh produce you are throwing away
every week.

Contribute to a more sustainable
planet by reducing
your #Foodprint.

Join a healthier life:
eat well, feel better.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We strive to deliver health and wellness to everyone’s home for a better quality of life and sustainable living habits, while contributing to the protection of the Earth’s natural resources. Here’s how:

Paraben and PVC Free

We do not use parabens, PVC or any other non-recyclable, toxic or non-reusable materials. Our packaging is plastic-free.

Safely disposable

Naturpod’s active ingredient is made with health-safe natural clays that can be safely and non-hazardously disposed after use.

FSC and Food Contact Certified

The envelope and box are made only of material from FSC certified forests, a guarantee of sustainability.

Zero Residue

Naturpod leaves zero residue in your refrigerator, making it certified for organic produce.

How does it work?

Every box holds 3 envelopes, each envelope will last for 1 month.

Follow these easy steps:

Lift the tab and remove the die-cut tab on the front to activate the product.

Remove the adhesive on the back of the envelope.

Stick your Naturpod in one of the side walls of your fresh produce drawer.

Write the date on the side of the box to remember when to change it. And let it work its magic!

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Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the secret to a healthier life.
Save time and money, generate zero waste and contribute to a more sustainable world.
Because we only have one planet to live on.

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